Funny Hinge Prompt Answers For Guys

However, we realize that video-based learning isn’t enough to provide the insight that learning to date requires. We teach you all there is to know about modern dating via our four-pronged approach. Dating Decoded is our badass coaching program designed to turn your dating fortunes around. Just be sure that group shots are included only after she has a clear understanding of who you are. The worst thing you can do is guess who the profile belongs to. As in, they reveal interesting tidbits about one’s personality.

Hinge Intentions (Dating Intentions)

That’s important, because details are eye catching, thought provoking and memorable. Odds are excellent it will work just as well in other locations, so consider making it one of your three choices if it’s on the menu of currently available prompts. In an interview with Insider, he was asked about the prompt “I’ll fall for you if…” with all the variations of “You trip me up” as an answer. Mentioning the guitar shows you’ve got a creative side, and have the dedication to learn how to play an instrument. The 225-character limit doesn’t give you a ton of space to play with, so bait the hook with an enticing snippet of information that subtly conveys an attractive trait about you.

The most important thing about your Prompt answers is that they reflect who you truly are, which will help attract the people who are right for you. So don’t force a Prompt, and choose the ones that feel easy to answer. To add a prompt, simply go to your photos and select ‘add a new photo’ in your profile.

After this article and all the examples, writing a funny Hinge prompt must be way easier as a man. Remember that those were just good examples we found usually efficient, but there are tons of others. If you have efficient ones you are proud of, share them with us!

Bland and boring replies aren’t going to attract potential dates. This can be done with humor, an open-ended question, or an unpopular opinion. On the other hand, Hinge ensures everyone adds something about themselves by offering a minimum of three prompts. If you really struggle with thinking of a clever answer, Hinge has prompts that don’t require too much brain power. In order to help single people connect with potential partners, Hinge combines its state-of-the-art features with Facebook networking. The best part of using the app is its creative openers.

Don’t hate me if I…

You’re essentially marketing yourself to attract the person you’re most compatible with. If you put garbage in …you’re going to get garbage out. Meaning you’re not going to be very pleased with the quality of dates you get. If you’re going to try online dating and want it to work for you then keep reading to find the best ways to answer the Hinge app questions. To attract a quality connection, make sure you choose the right hinge prompts and answers for your profile.

She suddenly has a reason to ignore you, even if she likes the rest of your profile. From here you can reorder your prompts via drag and drop. I don’t think men ever gravitate toward this Hinge prompt. But just in case you are, don’t even think about it. If your tattoos are one of your most unique and interesting traits, you’re not living right.

We’ve compiled a list of the funniest and most original ways to answer “Dating me is like…” to give you the inspiration you need. While photos will have the single biggest impact on your dating success, bios and prompts should never be ignored. Even if you pull off a great profile, matches mean nothing on dating apps these days.

I’m weirdly attracted to

A surprising fact is something that you would probably not usually share with someone on a first-time interaction and that’s the whole reason why this could really work in your favor. This could be a really deep prompt if you want to have a serious discussion or it could be something more fun. Showing that you have matured because you realize that this was a bad decision is really important too because it shows growth. Not taking yourself too seriously is something that is very attractive to the opposite sex and this allows you to do just that. It could also be the start of a pretty fun conversation between yourself and whoever it is that you are interested in.

Draw people’s interest in your Hinge profile by answering these Hinge questions. Just try to have a little fun with it and lighten the stress of online dating by bringing a little humor into the equation. I always try to help clients choose the right questions and then coax a humorous anecdote to answer the questions.

You can add a fun element to this list by making it different and crazy. Here are some creative and unique responses to the “I’m Looking For…” prompt that can help you stand out from the crowd. However, in the day and age of widespread tech usage, the definition of infidelity appeared murky.