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Neville has never revealed to his classmates what happened to his parents, but Harry learns about this in a later chapter; at Dumbledore’s request, Harry keeps Neville’s secret to himself. Bagman stated for the Daily Prophet that Bertha Jorkins had a bad memory. While that claim was apparently untrue when Sirius knew her in school, the implication is that her memory had since deteriorated or been magically altered before she vanished. Having returned to England, and now with his meeting Harry in Hogsmeade, Sirius shows his devotion and concern for his godson.

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Her hatred and resentment may partially stem from what her sister’s unique abilities has left Petunia to cope with. The difficulty is that you can’t romance any social relationship that is romanticable… However, if you romance numerous girls at the same time, the girls you romanced will become envious, and you may wind up losing progress on your social links. Meanwhile, Hermione’s mission to liberate House-elves is stymied again, this time by the Elves who continually resist change, insisting they are happy only when there is work to be done. Scorning Dobby, they believe freedom is shameful, and the pathetic Winky only proves how miserable their lives would become without masters to serve. Hermione is also experiencing the full brunt of Rita Skeeter’s vicious story about her.

Chapter 34: Priori Incantatem

His late induction into the Wizarding world was much like entering the maze at twilight—he was faced with murky, unknown paths, difficult obstacles, and occasional dead ends, forcing him to retrace his steps and find alternate routes. Harry is navigating a tangled emotional labyrinth, searching for a center containing answers about his parents, Voldemort, and himself. Ginny’s new-found confidence is partially due to Hermione’s influence. Ginny had confided her feelings about Harry to Hermione, who encouraged Ginny to just be herself around him. Ginny is beginning to put Hermione’s advice into action in this chapter, but it will take some time for her to overcome her shyness and the tension she feels around Harry. One part of Hermione’s advice apparently was to stop waiting for Harry, and while we will learn that she can not completely take this advice, we do see her branching out a bit.

It will have been reinforced at the Quidditch World Cup at the beginning of this book, where Crouch and Bagman will have been forced to work alongside each other. We can see, even in the limited exposure we have to both of them, that Crouch’s and Bagman’s work styles would inevitably clash, and Crouch no doubt will have brought his frustrations home and aired them to Winky, or in Winky’s hearing, almost nightly. Rita Skeeter constantly appearing as if from nowhere is highly suspicious, not only considering Hogwarts’ tight security during the Tournament, but also because it is impossible to Apparate in or out of the castle and its grounds. Upon seeing her, Ron wonders how she was able to enter despite having been banned from Hogwarts; readers should perhaps consider how several other characters have previously been able to access or exit secure areas undetected. However, preventing Skeeter from interviewing Hagrid quickly becomes a more pressing concern.

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Fleur Delacour claims it must be a joke, he is too young, but Bagman replies that the age restriction was never in the previous rules and because his name was selected by the Goblet, he is required to compete. Even as tension mounts over the Tournament and a possible plot against Harry, it appears that love, or at least infatuation, is running rampant at Hogwarts. While little is known about the Hogwarts teachers’ personal lives, and all have apparently remained unattached, it seems that the lonely Hagrid may have found love when he becomes smitten with Madame Maxime.

Chapter 18: The Weighing of the Wands

It should be noted that the book’s actions apparently take place in 1994 and 1995; but the first task’s date, November 24th 1994, is not a Tuesday but a Thursday, which is consistent with the day of the week mentioned in Chapter 15. This does not affect the story in any way; the fact that there is this conflict is provided more as a curiosity than as something scholars need to concern themselves with. We have now learned that Karkaroff was a Death Eater, and see that Moody may still suspect him of having Dark proclivities. It actually turns out to be important to the story, in a small way, that Karkaroff betrayed other Death Eaters in order to save his own skin. If he had not done so, Barty likely would have been tempted to trust him with the secret of the impersonation in order to gain at least one ally at Hogwarts. The suspicion Barty has of Karkaroff comes through his impersonation, but is explained away by Moody’s distrust of anyone who was a Death Eater.

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When Harry notices a second bucket-sized teacup on the table, Hagrid admits Madame Maxime was there. Hagrid tells Harry he knew Voldemort would eventually return, and that Harry did as much as his father would have, and there is no higher praise than that. Hagrid is unable to reveal anything about Dumbledore’s mission, though Hagrid has nearly convinced Madame Maxime to join him. It is mentioned above that this would seem to be the point where Harry starts to distrust the motivation of the Ministry. This distrust will be brought to a head by the actions of the Ministry in the opening chapters of the next book, actions culminating in a hearing at the Ministry which seems to have aspects of a show trial. At the opening of the sixth book, it will become apparent that a change of helm at the Ministry has, theoretically, aligned them more closely with Harry’s world-view, but he will remain skeptical.

Percy claims he is still sick at home and sending instructions by owl post. If Rita Skeeter uncovers this, she will probably report him as missing, just as she had with Bertha Jorkins. Harry refuses Bagman’s offer of help deciphering the Egg, and when Fred and George suddenly appear and offer to buy Bagman a drink, he declines and departs, the Goblins trailing after him. Rita Skeeter enters, telling her photographer that someone refused to speak to her. She responds the public has the right to know the truth, and asks for Harry’s version. Looking back, Harry sees Skeeter’s quill racing across parchment; Ron suspects Hermione may be next in line for Skeeter’s axe.

There is no explanation as to why Fudge continues to believe she will turn up, unless perhaps he is simply echoing Ludo Bagman’s belief. Given the characters of the two people, we have to assume that Ludo’s belief is based on wishful thinking and avoidance of unpleasantness, and Fudge’s is probably a result of political spin. We do rather wonder, though, why it seems nobody except her co-workers, and relatively few of them, seem to care about her whereabouts. As in Chapter 1, Harry once again “dreams” about Voldemort, although he is unaware that he may actually be viewing events as they are occurring.