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The reason why she moved on to the platform had a lot to do with her being able to keep her intellectual property. The two ladies embarked on their co-host journey together, recording the first episode of “Call Her Daddy” in 2018. The podcast was quickly picked up by Barstool Sports, skyrocketing from 12,000 downloads to 2 million in just the first two months of its launch. The title of their podcast had everything to do with flipping the script on men being in charge, a play on words that represents women in the driver’s seat.

Everything You Need to Know about Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend and Dating History

Hosted by the King of Kelowna’s Tinder Kingdom, Alex Miller. This show will feature a fantastic line up of comics including your feature act, Carina Neumann. The social media star is the embodiment of beauty with brains. She attended her high school studies in Northbrook, IL. Upon completing high school, she joined Illinois State University in 2014 and graduated in 2018. Cooper was shot into the limelight when she started dating professional baseball player Noah Syndergaard in 2017, however, they soon split after dating on and off for a while.

We know Mormons have a hard time accepting this kind of news but what Alex’s parents did would cripple you. They packed her bags, dropped her at her grandparents’, and left them to do with her as they please. They even gave up their parental rights to them and left Alex without even once looking back. Following her breakup with the Red Sox player, the podcast host had a string of failed relationships with a variety of athletes. Their relationship with highly publicized by both of them. The speculations are that Cooper’s present boyfriend could be Matthew Kaplan, aka Matt Kaplan.

Her self-deprecating humor and her open-book personality make her a hit with fans, who feel like Cooper could be their older sister. It’s not just the conversations that girls are used to having in line at a nightclub while clutching their cranberry vodkas. She’s expanded her reach by inviting guests on her show that share their own life stories, from pansexuality to struggles with mental health and body issues.

Which Boyfriend Does Alex Cooper of “call Her Daddy” Have? Everything You Need to Know About Matt Kaplan

It was her collaborations, YouTube channels and much more that led her to a great net worth in a short period of time. You might never have guessed that the confident, sex-talking queen of podcasting Alex Cooper was once ashamed of herself and her physical appearance. The “Call Her Daddy” host spoke about her adolescent struggles on the podcast “On Purpose with Jay Shetty,” admitting she was extremely bullied growing up.

It confirmed that “David Cooper” and “Alex Cooper” were the same individual. “It’s been eight years since I’ve been in conversion therapy but it’s still something that I have to carry with me,” Alex says. “Something that I think about when I go to the grocery story or something I think about when I’m putting a backpack on to go for a hike.”

We collect and tell stories of people from all around the world. Later, Paul confirmed that he and Cooper met up a long time ago, and even though she thought he was running around town and telling everyone, the only person he mentioned it to was his friend, Jowsey. In response to the user, some people stated that Cooper was not important enough for people to care about who she was dating. Cooper and Kaplan, according to Dirt, will be moving into the Los Angeles residence together.

The host of “Call Her Daddy” never identified Kaplan as her boyfriend on screen. During the height of the epidemic in 2020, the two people who were part of the conference met through Zoom. A business dinner allegedly led to Cooper’s fast enamored with the ruggedly beautiful film producer. We all know Alexandra Cooper as a well-known social media personality but a lot of Call Her Daddy fans are curious about her romantic life as well. The 28-year-old has achieved a lot of success from her podcast and now, just let’s take a dig into her personal life. Brealey is known for being very private about her personal life and does not often share details about her relationships or family in interviews.

Kaplan could not be positively recognized as Cooper’s Mr Sexy Zoom Man since Cooper and Kaplan have been silent and have not confirmed anything. She went on to say that she would keep talking about her sex life with her present partner but would make an effort to remain anonymous for as long as possible. “I’m not certain.” He’s prepared, but I’m not, and that’s exciting too,” Cooper remarked. Cooper has occasionally made mention of the nickname in the descriptions of her Instagram posts, but she has not identified him or shared a picture of him. Ironically, despite Alex Cooper is the host of a podcast on relationships, she has always been a little secretive about her romantic life. Though she has talked about the men she used to be in a relationship with once, their actual identities weren’t revealed ever. said her mystery boyfriend is a movie producer, and he has an adorable dog named Henry, whom she shows off constantly on her Instagram page. Although there is little knowledge regarding the couple’s private lives, there is no question that they are both fantastic examples and inspirations for each other. In a nutshell, they are what most people refer to as a power couple. Everyone wishes they could have Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper’s relationship. That being said, there is little question that she is already worth millions.