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The workers in all industries by concerted action to seize the means of production. Regarding, as the Syndicalist does, the capitalist as an idle and useless parasite who battens on the labour of the workers, no compensation would be paid to owners. The Syndicalist has not quite made up his mind whether he will include the technical and administrative staff in the industrial Union which will own and operate each industry, nor has he worked out the relation to the State of individual industries or industry as a whole. Most Syndicalists assume that the State and its legislative, administrative and executive organizations, as we know it, will cease to function and come to an end under a syndicalistic regime, and that the country will be governed by some organization representing the workers as a whole.

That Chang Hsun has been guilty of usurpation and forging documents is plain and the scandal is one that shocks all the world. Meanwhile, whilst these dramatic events were occurring in Peking, others no less sensational were taking place in the provinces. The Tientsin group, suddenly realizing that the country was in danger, took action very swiftly, disclosing that in spite of all disputes Republicanism had become very dear to every thinking man in the country, and that at last it was possible to think of an united China. The Scholar Liang Chi Chao, spokesman of Chinese Liberalism, in an extraordinarily able message circularized the provinces in terms summarizing everything of importance. Under these circumstances, the Imperial Japanese Legation, following international usage, has decided to accord him the necessary protection and has placed at his disposal a part of the military barracks.

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—The large part of the industries and services of each community which will be in the hands of the local authorities will be directed by the popularly elected councils of the several localities, with participation in the management of their own services by representatives of the workers by hand or by brain. In municipal administration of industries and services there should be the same kind of machinery of Joint Boards for collective bargaining as in the national industries. “For instance, whatever may be provided for the administration of agriculture, the ownership of land should be national, provision being made for the maintenance and security of peasant cultivators, wherever such exist.

“The present system under which we work and exchange our work for that of others is that commonly described as Capitalism. Under it each one, male or female, can choose what work he will try to do and what employer he will try to serve; if he does not like his job or his employer, he can leave it or him and try to get another. He cannot earn unless he can do work that somebody wants to buy, and so he competes with all other workers in producing goods or services that others want and will pay for. His reward depends on the success with which he can satisfy the wants of others. Whatever money he earns by labour or by investment he can, after paying such taxes on it as the State demands, hand on to any heirs whom he may name.

Meantime give the people as many opportunities as possible to acquaint themselves with political affairs, and do not stifle the aspirations of the people or weaken their strength or damp their interest or crush their self-respect. If, instead of doing all these things, we vainly blame the form of State, we are, as Chu Tse says, like a boat that blames the creek for its curves. Every one of the points mentioned above are indispensable for the change of the Republic into a monarchy.

If the President should one day give up his power the difficulties experienced by other nations will manifest themselves again in China. The conditions in other Countries are similar to those obtaining in China and the dangers are also the same. It is quite within the bounds of possibility that the situation might threaten China’s independence if internal disturbance should occur in connection with this problem and not be immediately put down.


The people have the right to petition the administrative organs and lodge protests with the Administrative Court in accordance with the provisions of law. The people have the right to institute proceedings at the judiciary organ in accordance with the provisions of law. The people have the right to memorialize the Li Fa Yuan according to the provisions of law. The people have freedom of religious belief, within the bounds of law. The people have the liberty of residence and removal, within the bounds of law.

To impeach members of the Cabinet for failure to perform their official duties or for violation of the law by majority votes of two-thirds of the quorum consisting of over three-fourths of the total number of the members. To pass laws of taxation of currency, and weights and measures for the whole country. The legislative power of the Chinese Republic is exercised by the National Council. Citizens shall have the duty to pay taxes according to law.

So the new ship was built and called “Nationalization and Democratic Control.” Put into the water in 1918, it still lies a mere hull, unengined, unfinished and unclassed. Which could be subjected to a microscopic scrutiny of the most searching kind, sufficient to reveal its true nature, its effects direct and indirect, and its remotest implications. In Part I, chapter IX, I outline the injury to industry and the country that HornyMatches forgot password would inevitably result, in my judgment, from any socialistic reconstruction of industry. Here I am only concerned to show that when the flowing garments of flowery phraseology are respectfully removed, they are seen to cover nothing but a hollow lay-figure without the least semblance to even an articulated model. This is what we are invited by the Labour Party to set up and worship as the future genius of British industry.

Arriving with no educational grant and no living funds, he was helped by the school to obtain an educational grant, and he ‘sofa-surfed’ for his first year with friends. During this time he and a fellow student started a street theatre act, which gained them an agent, and hence the required 40 hours of bookings to gain an Equity card. Project Gutenberg™ depends upon and cannot survive without widespread public support and donations to carry out its mission of increasing the number of public domain and licensed works that can be freely distributed in machine-readable form accessible by the widest array of equipment including outdated equipment. Many small donations ($1 to $5,000) are particularly important to maintaining tax exempt status with the IRS. Project Gutenberg™ is synonymous with the free distribution of electronic works in formats readable by the widest variety of computers including obsolete, old, middle-aged and new computers. It exists because of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donations from people in all walks of life.